The Tabanidae of the Mitaraka expedition, with an updated check list of French Guiana (Diptera)

  title={The Tabanidae of the Mitaraka expedition, with an updated check list of French Guiana (Diptera)},
  author={Tiago K{\"u}tter Krolow and Augusto Loureiro Henriques and Marc Pollet},
  pages={85 - 118}
This paper documents the horse fly fauna collected in lowland rainforest in the southwesternmost part of French Guiana (Mitaraka). [] Key Result During this "Our Planet Revisited" survey nine tabanid species were recorded from French Guiana for the first time: Chrysops ecuadorensis Lutz, C. incisus Macquart, Catachlorops amazonicus Henriques & Gorayeb, Chlorotabanus flagellatus Krolow & Henriques, Cryptoylus cauri Stone, Phaeotabanus phaeopterus Fairchild, Philipotabanus stigmaticalis (Kröber), Stypommisa…

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An estimated 80% of the species from French Guiana remain to be recorded and, in a best-case scenario, at least 270 years would be needed to complete the biotic inventory, at the current rate of species descriptions and distribution records.
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Descension of the Neotropical genus Stibasoma Schiner is revised, including redescription of 15 species that range from Mexico to northern Argentina, and previously unknown males are described in S. currani, S. festivum and S. fulvohirtum.
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The Arthropoda is here estimated to have 1,302,809 described species, including 45,769 fossil species (the diversity of fossil taxa is here underestimated for many taxa of the Arthropoda). The
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Diptera, or true flies, are extremely diverse but poorly known, especially in the Neotropical Region. Malaise trap catches from four sites are analyzed and found to contain mostly Diptera, with