The TRIM family protein KAP1 inhibits HIV-1 integration.

  title={The TRIM family protein KAP1 inhibits HIV-1 integration.},
  author={Awatef Allouch and Cristina Di Primio and Emanuele Alpi and Marina Lusic and Daniele Arosio and Mauro Giacca and Anna Cereseto},
  journal={Cell host & microbe},
  volume={9 6},
The integration of viral cDNA into the host genome is a critical step in the life cycle of HIV-1. This step is catalyzed by integrase (IN), a viral enzyme that is positively regulated by acetylation via the cellular histone acetyl transferase (HAT) p300. To investigate the relevance of IN acetylation, we searched for cellular proteins that selectively bind acetylated IN and identified KAP1, a protein belonging to the TRIM family of antiviral proteins. KAP1 binds acetylated IN and induces its… CONTINUE READING