The TR2 and TR4 orphan nuclear receptors repress Gata1 transcription.

  title={The TR2 and TR4 orphan nuclear receptors repress Gata1 transcription.},
  author={Osamu Tanabe and Yannan Shen and Qinghui Liu and Andrew D. Campbell and Takashi Kuroha and Masayuki Yamamoto and James Douglas Engel},
  journal={Genes & development},
  volume={21 21},
When the orphan nuclear receptors TR2 and TR4, the DNA-binding subunits of the DRED repressor complex, are forcibly expressed in erythroid cells of transgenic mice, embryos exhibit a transient mid-gestational anemia as a consequence of a reduction in the number of primitive erythroid cells. GATA-1 mRNA is specifically diminished in the erythroid cells of these TR2/TR4 transgenic embryos as it is in human CD34(+) progenitor cells transfected with forcibly expressed TR2/TR4. In contrast, in loss… CONTINUE READING
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