The TP53 gene, tobacco exposure, and lung cancer.

  title={The TP53 gene, tobacco exposure, and lung cancer.},
  author={Shinichi Toyooka and Toshihide Tsuda and Adi F. Gazdar},
  journal={Human mutation},
  volume={21 3},
Of the various genetic alterations in lung cancer, the abnormalities of the TP53 gene (p53) are among the most frequent and important events. Because of its importance, many aspects of TP53 have been studied, including preneoplastic lesions and TP53as a marker for early detection and prognosis and as a therapeutic option. We summarize recent knowledge of TP53 in lung cancer with a special emphasis on the relationship between smoking exposure (e.g, cigarette, etc.) and specific mutational… CONTINUE READING


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