The TCR C beta FG loop regulates alpha beta T cell development.

  title={The TCR C beta FG loop regulates alpha beta T cell development.},
  author={Maki Touma and Hsiu-Ching Chang and Tetsuro Sasada and Maris Handley and Linda K. Clayton and Ellis L. Reinherz},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={176 11},
The TCRbeta chain constant domain contains an unusually elongated, solvent-exposed FG loop. This structural element forms one component of an alphabeta TCR cavity against which CD3epsilongamma may abut to facilitate Ag-specific signaling. Consistent with this notion, in the present study we show that N15alphabeta TCR transfectants expressing a FG loop-deleted chain (betaDeltaFG) stimulate less tyrosine protein phosphorylation than those bearing a wild-type beta-chain (betawt) upon TCR cross… CONTINUE READING

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