The Systems Perspective

  title={The Systems Perspective},
  author={Yvonne M. Agazarian and Susan P. Gantt},
Are Systems‐Centered® teams more collaborative, productive and creative?
Purpose – Research from numerous theories shows teams' information sharing and discussion enhances effectiveness. Likewise, team communication structure can increase information sharing, manage
Developing Groups That Change Our Minds and Transform Our Brains: Systems-Centered’s Functional Subgrouping, Its Impact on Our Neurobiology, and Its Role in Each Phase of Group Development
ABSTRACT Systems-centered1 1 Systems-centered and SCT are registered trademarks owned by Yvonne Agazarian and the Systems-Centered Training and Research Institute, a non-profit organization. therapy
Systems-Centered Management: A Brief Review of Theory, Practice and
A theory is useful to the extent that it allows for new understanding and more effective solution of problems, such as improving morale and increasing organizational member participation in
Group dynamics in the Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform
In 2006, the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations set up a national citizen assembly on electoral reform. One hundred and forty Dutch citizens were asked to work together for nine
Applying Systems-Centered Theory (SCT) and Methods in Organizational Contexts: Putting SCT to Work
  • Susan P. Gantt
  • Business
    International journal of group psychotherapy
  • 2013
This article elaborates the application of SCT in organizations by first summarizing systems-centered theory, its constructs and methods, and then using case examples to illustrate how SCT has been used in organizational and coaching contexts.
Children with special needs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia : their needs and rights
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is in the process of developing and modernising its organisations to meet and cope with the challenges posed by national and international changes. Child and family issues
“Shotgun partnership”: a Systems‐Centered™ case study analysis
Purpose – This case study aims to explore the relationship between identity and locality in two groups of young people from different environments working with a community artist to explore
The Group in Society
PART I. AN INTRODUCTION TO SMALL GROUPS 1. Small Groups Up Close Understanding Groups How We Learn About Groups Putting the Pieces Together Illustration: Terrorist Cells 2. Wiring Groups into
The Faculty Perspective Regarding Their Role in Distance Education Policy Making
Many times distance education policy is created after an institution has already begun offering online courses and programs. In addition, faculty members may be left out of the discussions about and


Living systems.
Living Groups: Group Psychotherapy and General Systems Theory
Chaos and order in the psychotherapy group.
A Theory of Group Development
Worthy of Discussion: Collaborative Group Therapy
A new approach to group therapy is presented that provides both participants and therapists with the opportunity to move away from a restrictive view of mental illness toward alternative self knowledge and empowerment.