The System CaO-CO2-H2O in the Two-Phase Region Calcite + Aqueous Solution

  title={The System CaO-CO2-H2O in the Two-Phase Region Calcite + Aqueous Solution},
  author={W. Sharp and G. Kennedy},
  journal={The Journal of Geology},
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The solubility of calcite was studied in the two-phase region calcite + aqueous solution between 200 and 600° C. up to 1,400 bars and to a maximum of 10 weight per cent of $$CO_{2}$$. The results show that the solubility of calcite increases with increasing total pressure. The solubility at constant total pressure decreases with increasing temperature. At constant total pressure and temperature, the solubility passes through a maximum between 4 and 6 weight per cent $$CO_{2}$$. 
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The system H 20 - NaCl at elevated temperatures and pressures :
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The system H20-NaCl at elevated temperatures and pressures: Am
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