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The Syrian crisis and its impact on Lebanon – A conflict analysis 1 June 2015

  title={The Syrian crisis and its impact on Lebanon – A conflict analysis 1 June 2015},
  • Published 2015
Living with Ongoing Political Trauma: The Prevalence and Impact of PTSD among Syrian Refugees
Conflicts and wars kill humanity. Nationalist or Religious wars, terrorist attacks, shock and awe war on terror, and revolutions such as the Arab upheavals, all underscored by victors “missionExpand
The Lebanese Evangelical Church’s Response to the Syrian Crisis: The Shaping of Identity
The Lebanese church has experienced unprecedented challenges as Syrian refugees began flooding the country in 2011. This article attempts to discern the approaches to identity, strategy, andExpand
Utjecaj sirijskih izbjeglica na socioekonomsku i demografsku strukturu Libanona: razdoblje 2011. - 2018. godina
Arapskim proljecem 2011. godine zapoceo je i sirijski građanski rat. Tijekom sedam godina krvavog rata koji jos traje, iz Sirije je izbjeglo vise
Jobs Aid Peace: A Review of the theory and practice of the impact of employment programmes on peace in fragile and conflict-affected countries
The notion that employment can contribute to peace is the explicit backdrop to a large number of labour, training and entrepreneurship programmes and is an implicit one of many more, especially inExpand


Social Cohesion and Intergroup Relations: Syrian Refugees and Lebanese Nationals in the Bekaa and Akkar
The growing influx of Syrian refugees to Lebanon has strained its socio-economic fabric, piling pressure on employment opportunities, housing, trade, and infrastructure capacities (basic services).Expand
Before the Revolution
The predecessors of the present-day Tajiks (Tojik)1, the Soghdians and the Baktrians, had their own state and their own culture as early as the first millenium B.C. In the 6th century B.C. theyExpand