The Syrian Opposition: Salafi and Nationalist Jihadism and Populist Idealism

  title={The Syrian Opposition: Salafi and Nationalist Jihadism and Populist Idealism},
  author={Sherifa D. Zuhur},
  journal={Contemporary Review of the Middle East},
  pages={143 - 163}
The debate over international responses to the Assad governments continued barrel-bombing and lethal use of chemical weapons centered on the dominance and agenda of ‘extremists’ in the Syrian opposition and their role in a post-Assad Syria. With 1,500 groups and significant inter-conflict, the future of the popular revolution that originated with non-violent, idealistic civilian demonstrators cannot be foreseen with any certainty. The Supreme Military Command of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) was… Expand
Analysing revolutionary Islamism: Ansar al-Sharia Tunisia according to Gramsci
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  • Political Science
  • The Journal of North African Studies
  • 2020
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