The Syntax of Aspect in Thai

  title={The Syntax of Aspect in Thai},
  author={Jean-Pierre Koenig and Nuttanart Muansuwan},
  journal={Natural Language \& Linguistic Theory},
Abstract.This paper describes the syntax and semantics of the aspect system of Thai. Its interaction between linear order and scope has not been described in detail in the previous literature and its complexity makes it particularly relevant to discussions of the similarity of syntactic and semantic structures. It is argued that Thai presents challenges to some hypotheses about the interface between the syntax and semantics of semantic modifiers, in particular, Cinque’s (1999) hypothesis that… Expand
2 . 1 Case assignment
  • 2009
One of the goals of syntax is to determine how much languages do vary, in the hope to be able to make hypothesis about how much natural languages can vary. The syntax of aspect is a fertile groundExpand
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