The Symmetric Level-Index System

  title={The Symmetric Level-Index System},
  author={C. W. Clenshaw and Peter R. Turner},
  journal={Ima Journal of Numerical Analysis},
On presente un systeme arithmetique de representation des nombres qui supprime virtuellement les phenomenes de defaut de capacite. On utilise une fonction exponentielle generalisee pour la representation des grands nombres (et des petits nombres par reciprocite) avec une precision uniforme 
Root squaring using level-index arithmetic
The practical benefits of the symmetric level-index system for representing numbers are displayed, using the root-squaring method of Graeffe as a vehicle, to ease the monitoring of precision while avoiding the problems associated with overflow and underflow. Expand
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Complex SLI arithmetic: Representation, algorithms and analysis
  • P. Turner
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of IEEE 11th Symposium on Computer Arithmetic
  • 1993
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A software implementation of SLI arithmetic
  • P. Turner
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of 9th Symposium on Computer Arithmetic
  • 1989
The computational experiments reported show the great simplicity of program structure which this robust arithmetic permits and the ease of performing extended computational operations, such as scalar products and evaluation of polynomials, is evident from the package. Expand