The Syllabic Inscriptions from Byblos

  title={The Syllabic Inscriptions from Byblos},
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The origin of the alphabet : an examination of the Goldwasser hypothesis
Desde el 2006, la discusion sobre el origen del alfabeto semitico ha recibido un impulso a traves de la hipotesis propagada por Orly Goldwasser: el alfabeto fue aparentemente inventado en el sigloExpand
Proto-alphabetic inscriptions from the Wadi Arabah
En este trabajo se estudian las primeras tres inscripciones semitico-occidentales del valle de Arabah, que estuvieron conectadas aparentemente con la actividad minera egipcia de la region,Expand
The Corpus Problem in the RongoRongo Studies
Careful considerations based on a theoretical and practical framework show that a new transliteration system agreed by consensus needs to be implemented for the RR corpus problem, and engagement with corpus linguistics literature is deemed vital. Expand
W. F. Albright and Early Alphabetic Epigraphy
Albright, a "master of the typological sciences" according to Frank Moore Cross, was an expert authority in West Semitic epigraphy and palaeography. His wide-ranging research includes insights intoExpand
The Present Status of Egyptian Chronology
  • W. A. Ward
  • History
  • Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research
  • 1992
The current debate on Egyptian chronology is characterized by divergent opinions on the value of the Manethonian tradition, the lengths of reigns of individual Egyptian kings, the existence ofExpand
An introduction to biblical Hebrew syntax
nouns (## 1–2), parts of body (## 3–4), agricultural terms (## 5–6), words connected with clothing (## 7–8); and pairs of words with initial ma-/mi(## 9– 12; see 5.6), seven of which are fromExpand