The Swift X-Ray Telescope

  title={The Swift X-Ray Telescope},
  author={D. Burrows and J. Hill and J. Nousek and J. Kennea and A. Wells and J. Osborne and A. Abbey and A. Beardmore and K. Mukerjee and A. D. T. Short and G. Chincarini and S. Campana and O. Citterio and A. Moretti and C. Pagani and G. Tagliaferri and P. Giommi and M. Capalbi and F. Tamburelli and L. Angelini and G. Cusumano and H. Br{\"a}uninger and W. Burkert and G. Hartner},
  journal={Space Science Reviews},
  • D. Burrows, J. Hill, +21 authors G. Hartner
  • Published 1999
  • Physics, Computer Science
  • Space Science Reviews
  • Abstracthe Swift Gamma-Ray Explorer is designed to make prompt multiwavelength observations of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) and GRB afterglows. [...] Key Method The detection sensitivity is 2×10−14 erg cm−2 s−1 in 104 s. The instrument is designed to provide automated source detection and position reporting within 5 s of target acquisition. It can also measure the redshifts of GRBs with Fe line emission or other spectral features.Expand Abstract
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