The Swedish Law that Prohibits the Purchase of Sexual Services

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After several years of public debate initiated by the Swedish women’s movement, the Law That Prohibits the Purchase of Sexual Services came into force on January 1, 1999. The Law is the first attempt by a country to address the root cause of prostitution and trafficking in beings: the demand, the men who assume the right to purchase persons for prostitution purposes. This ground breaking law is a cornerstone of Swedish efforts to create a contemporary, democratic society where women and girls… 
The implementation of Sweden’s prostitution law at the local level
Summary The study shows that apprehensions conducted on the suspicion of a purchase of sex target men purchasing sex from women, regardless of geographical location or arena of the local prostitution
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The Swedish prostitution policy model aims at abolishing prostitution, the direct exchange of sexual services for money or other values, by penalizing only its demand. Offering sexual services is not
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  • Niina Vuolajärvi
  • Sociology, Political Science
    Sexuality Research and Social Policy
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This article examines the so-called “Nordic model” in action. Using feminist argumentation, the model aims to abolish commercial sex by criminalizing the buying of sexual services while not
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The article examines the Italian experience in implementing policies and practices on prostitution. What characterizes the Italian scenario is a difficulty or (in) capacity to distinguish, correctly


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Technical drawings for the menstrual cups with the diameter of 40 and 46 mm and opinion of CZŽP (the Centre of Health and Life Conditions) 13-246/08-36, EX 080221 dated 12 March 2008 for the LadyCup menstrual cup of colourless silicone and CZ ŽP 13-1184/8-156,EX 080850 dated 3 July 2008 forThe LadyCups menstrual cup in the pink design PinkCup.
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