The Suzaku View of the Swift/BAT AGNs (II): Time Variability and Spectra of Five “Hidden” AGNs


The fraction of Compton thick sources is one of the main uncertainties left in understanding the AGN population. The Swift Burst Alert Telescope (BAT) all-sky survey, for the first time gives us an unbiased sample of AGN for all but the most heavily absorbed sourcesNH> 10 25 cm−2). Still, the BAT spectra (14 – 195 keV) are time-averaged over months of observations and therefore hard to compare with softer spectra from the Swift XRT or other missions. This makes it difficult to distinguish between Comptonthin and Compton-thick models. With Suzaku, we have obtained simultaneous hard (> 15 keV) and soft (0.3 – 10 keV) X-ray spectra for 5 Compton-thick candidate sources. We report on the spectra and a comparison with the BAT and earlier XMM observations. Based on both flux variability and spectral shape, we conclude that these hidden sources are not Compton-thick. We also report on a possible correlation between excess variance and Swift BAT luminosity from the 16 d binned light curves, which holds true for a sample of both absorbed (4 sources), unabsorbed (8 sources), and Compton thick (Circinus) AGN, but is weak in the 64 day binned BAT light curves. Subject headings: X-rays: galaxies, galaxies:active

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