The Surprising Creativity of Digital Evolution: A Collection of Anecdotes from the Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life Research Communities

  title={The Surprising Creativity of Digital Evolution: A Collection of Anecdotes from the Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life Research Communities},
  author={Joel Lehman and J. Clune and Dusan Misevic and C. Adami and L. Altenberg and J. Beaulieu and P. Bentley and Samuel Bernard and G. Beslon and David M. Bryson and P. Chrabaszcz and Nick Cheney and Antoine Cully and S. Doncieux and F. Dyer and Kai Olav Ellefsen and R. Feldt and S. Fischer and S. Forrest and Antoine Fr{\'e}noy and Christian Gagn{\'e} and Leni K. Le Goff and Laura M. Grabowski and B. Hodjat and F. Hutter and L. Keller and Carole Knibbe and Peter Krcah and R. Lenski and H. Lipson and R. MacCurdy and C. Maestre and R. Miikkulainen and S. Mitri and David E. Moriarty and Jean-Baptiste Mouret and Anh M Nguyen and C. Ofria and M. Parizeau and D. P. Parsons and R. Pennock and W. Punch and Thomas S. Ray and Marc Schoenauer and Eric Shulte and K. Sims and K. Stanley and F. Taddei and Danesh Tarapore and S. Thibault and W. Weimer and R. Watson and Jason Yosinksi},
  journal={Artificial Life},
  • Joel Lehman, J. Clune, +50 authors Jason Yosinksi
  • Published 2018
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Artificial Life
  • Biological evolution provides a creative fount of complex and subtle adaptations, often surprising the scientists who discover them. [...] Key Result In doing so we also present here substantial evidence that the existence and importance of evolutionary surprises extends beyond the natural world, and may indeed be a universal property of all complex evolving systems.Expand Abstract
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