The Supposedly ‘Frankish’ Table of Nations: An Edition and Study

  title={The Supposedly ‘Frankish’ Table of Nations: An Edition and Study},
  author={Walter Goffart},
  journal={Fr{\"u}hmittelalterliche Studien},
  pages={130 - 98}
  • Walter Goffart
  • Published 1983
  • History
  • Frühmittelalterliche Studien
  • Seven manuscripts, as well as the ninth-century Historia Brittonum, contain a brief genealogy of peoples that, in essentials, proceeds from Tacitus's threefold division of the Germans into Ingaevones, Herminones, and Istaevones. Although some of the names are Tacitean, the gentes mentioned belong to the neighborhood of the sixth century; they include Goths and Vandals, Thuringians and Lombards, Bretons and Franks. This document has, in modern times, customarily been called the Trankish Table of… CONTINUE READING
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