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The Supply of Motivated Beliefs

  title={The Supply of Motivated Beliefs},
  author={Michaela Thaler},
When people choose what messages to send to others, they often consider how others will interpret the messages. In many environments, particularly in politics, people are motivated to hold particular beliefs and distort how they process information in directions that favor their motivated beliefs. This paper uses two experiments to study how message senders are affected by receivers' motivated beliefs. Experiment 1, conducted using an online sample of social media users, analyzes the effect of… 

Identification of misreported beliefs

It is well-known that subjective beliefs cannot be identified with traditional choice data unless we impose the strong assumption that preferences are state-independent. This is seen as one of the

The Fake News Effect: Experimentally Identifying Motivated Reasoning Using Trust in News

A novel experimental design is created to identify motivated reasoning from Bayesian updating when people enter into the experiment with endogenously different beliefs, and analyzes how subjects assess the veracity of information sources that tell them the median of their belief distribution is too high or too low.