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The Sultan's Jew: Morocco and the Sephardi World

  title={The Sultan's Jew: Morocco and the Sephardi World},
  author={Daniel J. Schroeter},
This pathbreaking study uses the extraordinary life of Meir Macnin, a prosperous Jewish merchant, as a lens for examining the Jewish community of Morocco and its relationship to the Sephardi world in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Macnin, a member of one of the most prominent Jewish families in Marrakesh, became the most important merchant for the sultans who ruled Morocco, and was their chief intermediary between Morocco and Europe. He lived in London for about twenty… 

“Disengaging from the Muslim Spirit”: The Alliance Israélite Universelle and Moroccan Jews

The project of the French Alliance Israélite Universelle (AIU) in Morocco in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries—to win social and political equality for Jews through European

Narrative Remembrance: Close Encounters Between Muslims and Jews in Morocco's Atlas Mountains

Author(s): Levin, Sarah Frances | Advisor(s): Kronfeld, Chana; Briggs, Charles L. | Abstract: This dissertation examines twentieth-century Jewish-Muslim relations in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains through

Mediterranean Modernity through Jewish Eyes: The Transimperial Life of Abraham Ankawa

This article examines the life of the scholar Abraham Ankawa (1810–90) in order to argue for the usefulness of a Mediterranean lens through which to view the history of Jews in modern North Africa.

A livornese port Jew and the sephardim of the ottoman empire

of knowledge, and that they have no zeal for virtues, but that they are only after pomp and wealth and business."' Thus does David Attias admonish the readers of his work La Guerta de Oro (The Garden


Moroccan Jews became “modern” through a complex process of cultural and legal changes resulting in large part from their close encounter with imperial Europe. Institutions like the Alliance Israélite

Recentering the History of Jews in North Africa

Recent work that readjusts French Jewish historians' lenses to include France's empire in North Africa is essential, but it does not necessarily expand the range of questions beyond the logic or

Modernizing Moroccan Jews: The AIU Alumni Association in Tangier, 1893-1913

This article examines the Alumni Association of the Alliance Israélite Universelle in Tangier through the organization's bulletins, published between 1893 and 1913. The Alumni Association was a group

Scholarship on Moroccan Jews in Canada: Multidisciplinary, Multilingual, and Diasporic

Abstract:A historiography on Moroccan Jews in Canada (1960-2015) offers an exemplary case study of conducting comprehensive research on religious and ethnic minorities within a Canadian national

Transformations and intersections of shtadlanut and tzedakah in the early modern and modern period

Shtadlanut (Jewish intercession/advocacy) and tzedakah (charity/righteousness) are often associated with the early modern period and closely assigned to Jewish figures that represented Jewish