The Subjection of Women

  title={The Subjection of Women},
  author={John Stuart Mill}
Since Old Testament days discrimination against minorities and other groups has been the rule in history rather than the exception. Chief among these repressive attitudes has been the inferior social and political status of women. Mill offers compelling arguments against the disenfranchisement of women, the infringement of their property rights, and the second-class status they experienced within marriage. One of England's most influential social philosophers, Mill sets the keen sights of his… 

II. Marital Slavery and Friendship

OHN STUART MILL'S ESSAY The Subjection of Women was one of the nineteenth century's strongest pleas for opening to women opportunities for suffrage, education, and employment. Some contemporary

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A RECENT SCHOLARLY COMMENT on John Stuart Mill claims that his book The Subjection of Women "is unquestionably the most ambitious p l e a . . , in the English language for the perfect equality of the

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Consideration of the legal, social and economic status of women and associated debate about the very nature of woman and her proper sphere, dismissively labelled "the Woman Business" by Thomas