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The Styles of Leadership: A Critical Review

  title={The Styles of Leadership: A Critical Review},
  author={Muhammad Saqib Khan},
  journal={Public Policy and Administration Research},
Leadership is a personal relationship in which one person directs, coordinates and supervises other in the performance of a common task. The social contract of leadership is viewed as a myth that functions to reinforce existing social believes and structure about the necessity of hierarchy and leaders in organization. Leadership seems to be a matter of aligning people towards common goals and empowering them to take the actions needed to reach them. The ability to influence a individuals/group… 
Leadership Styles and Factors in Effective Staff Motivation
Leadership styles and motivational theory have been extensively studied, and the effective application of them in leadership roles will influence the future of nursing. Through this review, the
The Impact of Leadership on Learning Outcomes
Colleges across the world share a common goal of wanting to improve academic performance of students. In this era of culpability, the pressure for principals to improve students' performance has
The Impact of Firm Size and Culture on Leadership Styles in Vietnamese SMEs
This study examines leadership styles in Vietnamese SMEs and addresses the dynamics of firm size and culture to foster managerial and organizational performance. The study relies on a qualitative
The Effect of Leadership Styles of Managers on the Loyalty of Nurses in Government Hospitals Level and its Impact on the High Level of Quality of Health Care
It is a known fact that employees get affected by their leaders. In the field of health care as well nurse leaders and managers has an astounding effect on staff nurses. The extent of such leadership
Assessment of the Role of a Leader in Shaping Sustainable Organizational Culture
The sustainable organization culture is one of the most important intangible assets and driver of competitiveness of organizations. The aim of this article is to reveal the role of various form of
Leadership Styles Navigate Employee Job Performance
Leadership styles have received enormous attention in a competitive business environment. It has become very popular facet to standardize human resources management agenda. An organization may be
Leadership Styles for Healthcare
  • K. Samarakoon
  • Psychology
    International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications (IJSRP)
  • 2019
Leadership is a vital component in the management of healthcare organizations. There are many leadership styles. The purpose of this literature review was to explore the different leadership styles
The Impact of Leadership Styles on Academicians’ Commitment in Higher Educational Institutions
Education is considered as a viable tool for developing human capacities and capabilities towards eliminating threats that may make the environment secured. The teacher as the implementer of the
The Implications of Leadership Style, Human Resources Practices, and Organizational Culture on Employee Performance in PT Kansai Prakarsa Coatings
This research analyzed the relationship between leadership style, Human Resources (HR) practices, and organizational culture on employee performance in PT Kansai Prakarsa Coatings in Indonesia. This
Midwifery Leadership
This chapter identifies from leadership literature salient aspects of leadership perceived as useful for midwifery leadership development. It learns from corporate organisations and higher education


Leadership and Organizations
Preface. 1. The Idea of Leadership and the Methodology of Leadership Research. 2. Traits and Abilities. 3. Leadership Style 1: Early Approaches and Normative Programmes. 4. Leadership Style 2:
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