The Study of Law and Religion in the United States: An Interim Report

  title={The Study of Law and Religion in the United States: An Interim Report},
  author={John Witte},
  journal={Ecclesiastical Law Journal},
  pages={327 - 354}
  • John Witte
  • Published 22 August 2012
  • Law, History
  • Ecclesiastical Law Journal
The study of law and religion has exploded around the world. This article, prepared in celebration of the silver jubilee of the Ecclesiastical Law Society, traces the development of law and religion study in the United States. Despite its long tradition of strict separation of Church and state, and despite its long allegiance to legal positivism and intellectual secularisation, the United States has emerged as a world leader of the new interdisciplinary field of law and religion. Hundreds of… 
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Religion, Law and Society: Contents
Issues concerning religion in the public sphere are rarely far from the headlines. As a result, scholars have paid increasing attention to religion. These scholars, however, have generally stayed
Religion, Law and Society
Issues concerning religion in the public sphere are rarely far from the headlines. As a result, scholars have paid increasing attention to religion. These scholars, however, have generally stayed
A Prequel to Law and Revolution: A Long Lost Manuscript of Harold J. Berman Comes to Light
The late Harold Berman was a pioneering scholar of Soviet law, legal history, jurisprudence, and law and religion; he is best known today for his monumental Law and Revolution series on the Western
Religion in Legal Thought and Practice . Howard Lesnick. Cambridge University Press, New York, 2010, xx + 623 pp (paperback £44) ISBN: 978-0-521-13448-4
conducted to find out what new religious movements are dialogue partners of the Bureau of European Policy Advisors. In the contribution, ‘The logic of structured dialogue between religious
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Introduction John Witte, Jr and Christopher J. Manzer 1. Language as an effective symbol of community 2. The language of law 3. The growth of legal language 4. The development of national legal
Social Systems Theory and Judicial Review: Taking Jurisprudence Seriously Katayoun Baghai Ashgate, Farmham, 2015, xvi + 170 pp (hardback £65) ISBN: 978-1-4094-5402-1
with the frequent use of endnotes cross-referring to other endnotes (especially where the numbering is incorrect). Leaving that aside, the book contains a collection of well-written and thoughtful
구미 근현대헌법상 종교와 정치의 관계의 변천* - 형식적 政敎分離에서 政敎互容의 시대로 -
본고는 대한민국헌법 제20조 제2항 소정의 정교분리의 원칙을 어떻게 해석해야 하는지에 관한 문제를 구미 근현대헌법상 종교와 정치의 관계가 어떻게 변천해 왔는지를 살펴봄으로써 그 헌법해석에 대한 참조를 얻고자 하는 것을 목표로 한다. 우선 1770년대부터 구미 근대헌법상 종교와 정치 간의관계를 규율한 것은 토마스 제퍼슨 식의 엄격한 형식주의적
The Integrative Christian Jurisprudence of Harold J. Berman
  • John Witte
  • Law
    Great Christian Jurists in American History
  • 2019


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Foreword Martin E. Marty Introduction 1. Canon law and civil law on the eve of the Reformation 2. Loving thine enemy's law: the evangelical conversion of Catholic canon law 3. A mighty fortress:
No establishment of religion : America's original contribution to religious liberty
Acknowledgements List of Contributors Introduction - John Witte, Jr. 1. The Separation of Church versus Religion in the Public Square: The Contested History of the Establishment Clause - T. Jeremy