The Struggle for the Recognition of Haiti and Liberia as Independent Republics

  title={The Struggle for the Recognition of Haiti and Liberia as Independent Republics},
  author={C. Wesley},
  journal={The Journal of Negro History},
  pages={369 - 383}
  • C. Wesley
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of Negro History
The doctrine of recognition as a principle of International law appeared in definite form at the close of the American Revolution. New states had arisen and successful revolutions had given birth to new governments.1 In Washington's Neutrality Proclamation of 1793, the French Republic was recognized and the neutral position of America was announced.2 These principles, developed later by Adams and Jefferson through application to the South American colonies which had declared their independence… Expand


Both of the Republics have felt deeply indebted to Charles Sumner for the passage of this bill. The Liberian Commissioners
    Gooch of Massachusetts and passed by a vote of 86 yeas to 37 nays, and with the President's signature became a law
    • November, 1864, a treaty of friendship, commerce and navigation was signed between the United States and Haiti.59 A similar treaty was signed with Li
    This was passed after thanking the Liberian Commissioners, who had addressed them
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