The Struggle For Mastery in Britain: Lloyd George Versus Asquith, December 1916

  title={The Struggle For Mastery in Britain: Lloyd George Versus Asquith, December 1916},
  author={J. M. Mcewen},
  journal={Journal of British Studies},
  pages={131 - 156}
  • J. M. Mcewen
  • Published 1 September 1978
  • History
  • Journal of British Studies
Myth and mystery continue to cloud the supersession of Herbert Henry Asquith by David Lloyd George half-way through the First World War. Then, and long afterwards, there was much talk of intrigue and conspiracy, often inspired by those who believed Asquith had been jockeyed out of the premiership by an unholy alliance of low schemers who scrupled at nothing. It is tempting to dismiss such charges as baseless, as the loser's perennial excuse. Yet in the records that have come to light there are… 
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