The Structure of Language: Readings in the Philosophy of Language

  title={The Structure of Language: Readings in the Philosophy of Language},
  author={L. Cohen and J. Fodor and J. Katz},
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Aprendizaje de lenguas indígenas por parte de españoles en Nueva España en los primeros cien años después de la conquista
Los estudios sobre el aprendizaje de las diferentes lenguas que convivieron en Nueva España, y en las Indias en general, se han concentrado en el aprendizaje del castellano por parte de losExpand
Ten Choices for Lexical Semantics
The modern computational lexical semantics reached a point in its development when it has become necessary to define the premises and goals of each of its sever al trends. This paper proposes tenExpand
Exploring negation in Awing
Negation is a universal category and languages differ in many respects in the way they express the latter (see Klima 1964). In this regards, some languages express sentential negation (aExpand
Formal Semantics: Origins, Issues, Early Impact
Formal semantics and pragmatics as they have developed since the late 1960’s have been shaped by fruitful interdisciplinary collaboration among linguists, philosophers, and logicians, among others,Expand
Toward an evolutionary linguistic theory
This work concentrates broadly on linguistic theory and the methodology thereof, criticizes the role intuition plays, and suggests a gradual replacement of intuition-based data with neurological dataExpand
Additive Particles and Polarity
It is argued that too and either are not synonymous, and that this alternation is therefore not a case of morphological suppletion conditioned by polarity, and it is no need to stipulate an 'anti-licensing' condition for too to explain why it sometimes seems to behave as a positive polarity item. Expand
Getting a handle on language creation*
Levels of Representation and Semantic Interpretation
The nature of the relationship between sentence form and meaning has been an important concern in generative grammar from the inception of the program, and in more recent Minimalist Chomskyan work, semantic interpretation is interspersed among cyclic steps of the syntactic derivation. Expand
Metaphilosophical metamorphoses of analytic philosophy of language
Abstract The paper begins with an account of the emergence of analytic philosophy of language in the twentieth century in the context of the development of logic and the linguistic turn.Expand
Bedouin Arabic multiple opacity with indexed constraints in Parallel OT
Opaque interactions between phonological processes (Kiparsky 1973) can be a significant challenge to Optimality Theoretical accounts of phonology (Idsardi 2000, Bakovic 2011). McCarthy (2007)Expand