The Structure of Ethnic Identity of Young Adolescents from Diverse Ethnocultural Groups

  title={The Structure of Ethnic Identity of Young Adolescents from Diverse Ethnocultural Groups},
  author={Robert Edmund Roberts and Jean S. Phinney and Louise C. M{\^a}sse and Y. Richard Chen and Catherine Ramsay Roberts and Andrea J. Romero},
  journal={The Journal of Early Adolescence},
  pages={301 - 322}
The purpose for this study was to examine the structure and construct validity of a measure of ethnic identity among young adolescents from diverse ethnic groups. Students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades (N = 5,423) from diverse ethnic groups completed the Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure (MEIM), measures of psychological well-being and a measure of salience of ethnicity. Factor analyses of data for the three largest ethnic groups (European American, African American, Mexican American… 

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