The Structure and Metabolism of a Puerto Rican Red Mangrove Forest in May

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Aboveground biomass and net primary production of semi-evergreen tropical forest of Manipur, north-eastern India

The aboveground biomass dynamics and net primary productivity were investigated to assess the productive potential of Dipterocarpus forest in Manipur, Northeast India. Two forest stands (stand I and

Producer Nutritional Quality Controls Ecosystem Trophic Structure

It is shown that the nutritional quality of primary producers controls the trophic structure of ecosystems, and that ecosystems composed of highly nutritional primary producers feature high consumer productivity, fast energy recycling, and reduced carbon accumulation.

Biomass and aboveground net primary production in a subtropical mangrove stand of Kandelia obovata (S., L.) Yong at Manko Wetland, Okinawa, Japan

The low leaf longevity and high growth efficiency of K. obovata makes it a highly productive mangrove species, and seasonal changes of litterfall rate were observed.

Evaluation of biomass and carbon storage potential of a natural mangrove stand in Muzhappilangad, Kerala, southwest coast of India

The present study was envisaged to assess the biomass and carbon stocks of a natural mangrove stand of Muzhappilangad wetland of Kerala, southwest coast of India. The carbon stocks of aboveground,

Patterns of Mangrove Productivity and Support for Marine Fauna

Global, mangrove forests (mangals) harbor about 80 plant species including hybrids and provide habitats and food for a diversi fi ed fauna. Mangrove productivity is high and changes with latitudes.

Assessment of Biomass and Carbon Stocks in Mangroves of Thalassery Estuarine Wetland of Kerala, South West Coast of India

ABSTRACT Vinod, K.; Asokan, P.K.; Zacharia, P.U.; Ansar, C.P.; Vijayan, G.; Anasukoya, A.; Kunhi Koya, V.A., and Nikhiljith, M.K., 2019. Assessment of biomass and carbon stocks in mangroves of

Mangrove Disturbance and Response Following the 2017 Hurricane Season in Puerto Rico

  • B. Branoff
  • Environmental Science
    Estuaries and Coasts
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Mangrove ecosystem responses to tropical cyclones have been well-documented over the last half century. Variability in tree mortality, aboveground biomass accumulation, canopy closure, and subsequent

Chlorophyll "A" of communities

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Some notes on the Mangrove swamps of Puerto Rico.

Ecologic notes on Puerto Rican mollusca

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Evaporation study at Silver Lake in the Mojave Desert, California

Silver Lake is located in the Mojave Desert north of Baker, California. It was formed within a period of three days as a result of a flood in the Mojave River in March 1938. Previously the lake had

Simple Method for Determining Potential Evapotranspiration from Temperature Data

A value for the total amount of water that, theoretically, could be lost from soil and vegetation through evaporation and transpiration, if sufficient soil moisture were always available, may be

Organic productivity of an Atoll

The production of organic matter by phytoplankton in the waters in and around the northern Marshall Islands is extremely low. The amount of plankton swept across the reefs of these islands by the

The ecology and geologic role of Mangroves in Florida.

Respiration of Crabs in Georgia Salt Marshes and Its Relation to Their Ecology

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Crabs are the most abundant and conspicuous animals found in the salt marshes of the Georgia coast, and a study has been made of their respiration as one step in working out an energy balance for the marshes.

Physiology of trees.

This book focuses on the ascent of sap, internal factors and environmental factors affecting growth, and the bibliography is excellent and extensive, with over 1, 700 references up to and including 1958.

Fundamentals of ecology

Preface. Eugene P. Odum and Gary W. Barrett. 1. The Scope of Ecology. 2. The Ecosystem. 3. Energy in Ecological Systems. 4. Biogeochemical Cycles. 5. Limiting and Regulatory Factors. 6. Population