The Strength of the Earth's Crust

  title={The Strength of the Earth's Crust},
  author={Harold Sir Jeffreys},
  journal={The Journal of Geology},
  pages={289 - 314}
Global gravity, bathymetry, and the distribution of submarine volcanism through space and time
[1] The seafloor is characterized by numerous seamounts and oceanic islands which are mainly volcanic in origin. Relatively few of these features (<∼0.1%), however, have been dated, and so little isExpand
Insights on the upper mantle beneath the Eastern Alps
Analyses of Ps and Sp receiver functions from datasets collected by permanent and temporary seismic stations, image a seismic discontinuity, due to a negative velocity contrast across the entire Eastern Alps, that is likely to coincide with the lithosphere–asthenosphere boundary east of 15°E longitude. Expand
Lithospheric structure of the continents
The word ‘Lithosphere’ has come from the Greek for ‘rocky sphere’. As we all know the lithosphere includes the crust and uppermost mantle and is underlain by asthenosphere. Lithosphere as a strong,Expand
Porosity and bulk density of sedimentary rocks
More than 900 items of porosity and bulk density data for sedimentary rocks have been tabulated. Most of the data are from the more accessible American, British, German, and Swiss literature. TheExpand
Numerical solutions of the flexure equation
Abstract. The 4th order differential equation describing elastic flexure of the lithosphere is one of the cornerstones of geodynamics, key to understanding topography, gravity, glacial isostaticExpand
Stress-induced amorphization triggers deformation in the lithospheric mantle.
It is shown that, in forsterite, amorphization takes place at grain boundaries under stress and that the onset of ductility of olivine-rich rocks is due to the activation of grain-boundary mobility in these amorphous layers, which could trigger plastic processes in the deep Earth, where high-stress conditions are encountered. Expand
Secular change and the onset of plate tectonics on Earth
Abstract The Earth as a planetary system has experienced significant change since its formation c. 4.54 Gyr ago. Some of these changes have been gradual, such as secular cooling of the mantle, andExpand
Seismic anisotropy and its implication for the formation and evolution of cratons
OF THE DISSERTATION ................................................................................................... ii DEDICATIONExpand
A review on studies of the 1999 Chi-Chi Earthquake for resolving the debatable problems in earthquake physics
There have been several long-term debatable problems in earthquake physics: (1) the strain problem (localized versus non-localized); (2) the stress problem (high versus low); (3) the heat fluxExpand