The Stream Cipher HC-128


Statement 1. HC-128 supports 128-bit key and 128-bit initialization vector. Statement 2. 2 keystream bits can be generated from each key/IV pair. Statement 3. There is no hidden flaw in HC-128. Statement 4. The smallest period is expected to be much larger than 2. Statement 5. Recovering the secret key is as difficult as exhaustive key search. Statement 6. Distinguishing attack requires more than 2 keystream bits. Statement 7. There is no weak key in HC-128. Statement 8. Encryption speed is 3.05 cycles/byte on Pentium M processor. Statement 9. The key and IV setup takes about 27,300 clock cycles Statement 10. HC-128 is not covered by any patent and it is freely available.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-68351-3_4

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