The Strategy for Telemedicine in Lublin Province


Main role of this article is presentation, in a very short way, most important results of over two years of work board of experts from two universities, two clinical hospitals, city hall and also medical software and hardware suppliers. As a main purpose of strategy improvement of health care level in region was set. This aim will be achieved by telemedical infrastructure development, creation and implementation of procedures and instant training of staff. Strategy is focused on three main aspects. First one groups medical projects, second infrastructure project and third one is regional centre of coordination. In medical area proposed changes are mainly focused on telemedical support for emergency services, remote medical consultations and complex home monitoring of patients. Main solution for infrastructure assumes creation of integrated information system for hospitals and emergency units. I this part of the strategy selection of the proper standards for data storing and exchange. Probably one of the best choices is OpenEHR. Last part is centre of cooperation which consists of coordination centre of telemedical services, telemedical projects management unit, and training facility.

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