The StockingCost Constraint

  title={The StockingCost Constraint},
  author={Vinas{\'e}tan Ratheil Houndji and Pierre Schaus and Laurence A. Wolsey and Yves Deville},
Many production planning problems call for the minimiza- tion of stocking/storage costs. This paper introduces a new global con- straint StockingCost([X1,...,Xn],[d1,...,dn],H,c) that holds when each item Xi is produced on or before its due date di, the capacity c of the machine is respected, and H is an upper bound on the stocking cost. We propose a linear time algorithm to achieve bound consistency on the StockingCost constraint. On a version of the Discrete Lot Sizing Problem, we demonstrate… 

The item dependent stockingcost constraint

This work proposes an efficient filtering algorithm in O(n log n) where n is the number of orders to produce and demonstrates experimentally that the new filtering algorithm scales well and is competitive wrt the StockingCost constraint when the stocking cost is the same for all orders.

A global constraint for the capacitated single-item lot-sizing problem

This paper considers a single-item lot-sizing problem with time-varying lower and upper bounds for production and inventory, and forms this NP-hard problem as a global constraint and shows that bound consistency can be achieved in pseudo-polynomial time and when not including the costs, in polynomial time.

Efficient filtering for the Resource-Cost AllDifferent constraint

The study studies a family of optimization problems where a set of items, each requiring a possibly different amount of resource, must be assigned to different slots for which the price of the resource can vary, and proposes a third approach by introducing the ResourceCostAllDifferent constraint and an associated incremental and scalable filtering algorithm.

Forward-Checking Filtering for Nested Cardinality Constraints: Application to an Energy Cost-Aware Production Planning Problem for Tissue Manufacturing

An energy cost-aware CP model for tissue manufacturing production planning including the nested_gcc is described and a preprocessing step is introduced to tighten the cardinality bounds of the GCC’s potentially strengthening the pruning of the individual FWC filterings.

Constraint programming algorithms and models for scheduling applications

This thesis proves that CP is able to solve large instances of real-world scheduling problems in short amounts of time and designs new abstractions and techniques to enrich the set of tools CP can use to solve Scheduling problems.

Revisiting the Self-adaptive Large Neighborhood Search

This paper revisits the Self-Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search introduced by Laborie and Godard. We propose a variation in the weight-update mechanism especially useful when the LNS operators

A Framework for Generating Informative Benchmark Instances

A framework that combines these two properties to generate a large number of benchmark instances, purposely generated for effective and informative benchmarking and gives a broader understanding of the behaviour of each solver for the whole instance space is introduced.



A Literature Review on Inventory Lot Sizing Problems

The present paper, discuss one of the most challenging subjects for the management namely production planning. It appears to be a hierarchical process ranging from long to medium to short term

An Exact Constraint Logic Programming Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem with Time Windows

This paper presents a constraint logic programming model for the traveling salesman problem with time windows which yields an exact branch-and-bound optimization algorithm without any restrictive

Lot sizing and scheduling -- Survey and extensions

Modeling industrial lot sizing problems: a review

An overview of recent developments in the field of modeling deterministic single-level dynamic lot sizing problems, with a focus on the modeling of various industrial extensions and not on the solution approaches.

Cost-Based Arc Consistency for Global Cardinality Constraints

This paper presents an efficient way of implementing arc consistency for a costgcc and studies the incremental behavior of the proposed algorithm.

Production Planning by Mixed Integer Programming

This textbook provides a comprehensive modeling, reformulation and optimization approach for solving production planning and supply chain planning problems, covering topics from a basic introduction

Solving TSP through the Integration of OR and CP Techniques

Cost-Based Domain Filtering

By using cost-based filtering in global constraints, this work can optimally solve problems that are one order of magnitude greater than those solved by pure CP approaches, and it outperform other hybrid approaches integrating OR techniques in Constraint Programming.

A fast and simple algorithm for bounds consistency of the all different constraint

This paper presents a fast, simple algorithm for bounds consistency propagation of the alldifferent constraint and shows that this algorithm outperforms existing bounds consistency algorithms and also outperforms--on problems with an easily identifiable property-state-ofthe-art commercial implementations of propagators for stronger forms of local consistency.

Over-Constrained Problems

This chapter, an overview of recent developments in solution methods for over-constrained problems using constraint programming is presented, with an emphasis on soft global constraints.