The Status of the Zassenhaus Conjecture for Small Groups

  title={The Status of the Zassenhaus Conjecture for Small Groups},
  author={Andreas B{\"a}chle and Allen Herman and Alexander Konovalov and Leo Margolis and Gurmail Singh},
  journal={Experimental Mathematics},
  pages={431 - 436}
ABSTRACT We identify all small groups of order up to 288 in the GAP Library for which the Zassenhaus conjecture on rational conjugacy of units of finite order in the integral group ring cannot be established by an existing method. The groups must first survive all theoretical sieves and all known restrictions on partial augmentations (the HeLP+ method). Then two new computational methods for verifying the Zassenhaus conjecture are applied to the unresolved cases, which we call the quotient… Expand
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Partial augmentations power property: A Zassenhaus Conjecture related problem
Zassenhaus conjectured that any unit of finite order in the integral group ring $\mathbb{Z}G$ of a finite group $G$ is conjugate in the rational group algebra of $G$ to an element in $\pm G$. WeExpand
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Revisiting the Zassenhaus conjecture on torsion units for the integral group rings of small groups
In recent years several new restrictions on integral partial augmentations for torsion units of ℤG$\mathbb {Z} G$ have been introduced, which have improved the effectiveness of the Luthar–PassiExpand
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On the Torsion Units of Some Integral Group Rings
It is shown that any torsion unit of the integral group ring ZG of a flnite group G is rationally conjugate to a trivial unit if G = P o A with P a normal Sylow p-subgroup of G and A an abelian p 0Expand
For a torsion unit u of the integral group ring ZG of a nite group G, and a prime p which does not divide the order of u (but the order of G), a relation between the partial augmentations of u on theExpand
  • Martin Hertweck
  • Mathematics
  • Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society
  • 2008
Abstract It is shown that any torsion unit of the integral group ring $\mathbb{Z}G$ of a finite group $G$ is rationally conjugate to an element of $\pm G$ if $G=XA$ with $A$ a cyclic normal subgroupExpand
Torsion units in integral group rings.
More precisely, we are interested in classifying the group homomorphisms α:Γ -> t/!(Z/7) where 77, Γ are both finite groups. Two such homomorphisms α', α are called Z-equivalent if a unit u of Z/7Expand
Character Theory of Finite Groups
1. (i) Suppose K is a conjugacy class of Sn contained in An; then K is called split if K is a union of two conjugacy classes of An. Show that the number of split conjugacy classes contained in An isExpand
Zassenhaus conjecture forA5
We develop a criterion for rational conjugacy of torsion units of the integral group ringℤG of a finite groupG, as also a necessary condition for an element ofℤG to be a torsion unit, and apply themExpand