The Stations of the Sun: A History of the Ritual Year in Britain

  title={The Stations of the Sun: A History of the Ritual Year in Britain},
  author={Barry Collett and Ronald Hutton},
  journal={The Eighteenth Century},
The Origins of Christmas The Twelve Days The Trials of Christmas Rites of Celebration and Reassurance Rites of Purification and Blessing Rites of Hospitality and Charity Mummers' Play and Sword Dance Hobby-Horse and Horn Dance Misrule The Reinvention of Christmas Speeding the Plough Brigid's Night Candlemas Valentines Shrovetide Lent The Origins of Easter Holy Week An Egg at Easter The Easter Holidays England and St George Beltane The May May Games and Whitsun Ales Morris and Marian… 
When the Golden Bough Breaks: Folk Drama and the Theatre Historian
The title of Tom Pettitt's essay alludes to the massive impact on theatre historians of Sir James Frazer's monumental work on comparative anthropology, The Golden Bough (1890). It fostered the thesis
Popular Festivity and the Early Modern Stage: The Case of George a Greene
This essay explores how festive practices in early modern England were incorporated into the performance dynamics of the commercial theatre. It takes as its case study the anonymous play George a
The Stuff of Christmas Homemaking : Transforming the House and Church on Christmas Eve in the Bay of Kotor , Montenegro
The domestic burning of Yule logs on Christmas Eve is an archaic tradition characteristic of the Christian population in the central Balkans. In the fifty years following World War Two, the socialist
Reforming The Waters: Holy Wells and Healing Springs in Protestant England *
All too often neglected and overgrown, holy wells still dot the AA English countryside. Many more are merely a distant memory: names recorded by dead antiquarians, folklorists, and topographers and
Romantic Recreations: Remembering Stuart Monarchy in Nineteenth-Century Fancy Dress Entertainments
  • Ben Wild
  • History
    Remembering Queens and Kings of Early Modern England and France
  • 2019
The Stuarts, who ruled Britain between 1603 and 1714, are among the country’s longest reigning and most divisive of royal dynasties. During the nineteenth century, however, they became the subject of
Tanks and Tinsel: The American Celebration of Christmas during World War II
“Tanks and Tinsel: The American Celebration of Christmas during World War II” is an examination of the American celebration of Christmas during World War II. As the first comprehensive investigation
“Messages of Love from Maoriland”: A. D. Willis’s New Zealand Christmas Cards and Booklets 1883-1893
  • P. Gilderdale
  • Art
    Back Story Journal of New Zealand Art, Media & Design History
  • 2019
I have previously explored the beginnings of the New Zealand Christmas card prior to 1883, and the ways that the designers of these cards negotiated the colonial experience of a summer Christmas.1
The Song of Gryon: Political Ritual, Local Identity, and the Consolidation of Nationalism in Multiethnic Switzerland
Switzerland's successful multicultural nationalism is often based in local identity and practices, but few studies have examined nationalism in the nation's non-Germanic regions. This article
Cosmopolitan Witchcraft: Reinventing the Wheel of the Year in Australian Paganism
Ezzy examines the reinvention of the Pagan ritual calendar—the Wheel of the Year—in Australia, and the elemental directions used in circle casting. Early Australian Pagans celebrated the seasonal