The State of Russia's Armed Forces and Military Reform

  title={The State of Russia's Armed Forces and Military Reform},
  author={Walter Parchomenko},
  journal={The US Army War College Quarterly: Parameters},
  • Walter Parchomenko
  • Published 18 November 1999
  • Political Science
  • The US Army War College Quarterly: Parameters



An interview with Dr

The objective of this interview is to give an idea to prospective graduate students as to what the ACDC Laboratory is, and why this laboratory could be a good home for performing their graduate studies.

Director of the US-Canada Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a consultant to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Duma

  • Interview with Dr. Sergey Rogov

This point has been stressed repeatedly during the past year by leading Moscow defense journalists--for example, in my interviews with Alexandr Golts and Dr

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      Duma Defense Committee member, expert on civilian control of the military, and retired Colonel-General

        Moscow Russian Television Network, 0630 GMT

        • FBIS

        former Deputy Head of Staff of Russia's Defense Council

        • Interview with Dr. Sergey Kortunov

        Much of this issue of the Bulletin is devoted to a detailed review of military reform accomplishments and shortcomings in Russia during

        • FBIS

        Krasnaya zvezda

          Pavel Felgengauer, security affairs editor and senior defense correspondent for Segodnya newspaper