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The State of Latino Theater in the United States: Hybridity, Transculturation, and Identity

  title={The State of Latino Theater in the United States: Hybridity, Transculturation, and Identity},
  author={Luis A Ramos-Garcia},
Introduction US Latino Theater: Confronting the issues, Luis A. Ramos-Garcia Chapter 1. Latino Theater in the U.S.: "The Importance of Being the Other," Beatricz Rizk Chapter 2. Still Treading Water: Recent Currents in Chicano Theater, Marcos Martinez Chapter 3 Re-visiting Chicana Cultural Icons: From Sor Juana to Sor Frida, ALberto Sandoval-Sanchez and Nancy Saporta SternBach Chapter 4. From Teatro Campesino to the Gay 1990's: Transformations and Fragments in the Evolution in Chicano/a Latina… 
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This dissertation examines reimaginings of the mythical maternal in the developing Chicana feminist theatre from 1965 through the end of the 20th century. It first explores the mythical and

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This dissertation aims to provide a history of Chicano identity in the United States from a Chicano perspective and investigates the role of race, ethnicity, and identity politics in the development of Chicana identity.