The State Competition Debate in Corporate Law

  title={The State Competition Debate in Corporate Law},
  author={Roberta Romano},
A perennial issue in corporate law reform is the desirability of a federal system. For notwithstanding the invasive growth of regulation by the national government, principally through the federal securities laws, corporate law is still the domain of the states. While no two corporation codes are identical, there is substantial uniformity across the states. Provisions typically spread in a discernible S-shaped pattern, as one state amends its code in response to another state's innovation.' The… 

The Market for Corporate Law

This Paper develops a model of the competition among states in providing corporate law rules. The analysis provides a full characterization of the equilibrium in this market. Competition among states

Choice of Jurisdiction in European Corporate Law — Perspectives of European Corporate Governance

This article addresses the question what will be the impact of the recently admitted choice of corporate law in Europe and how regulators can and should react.Drawing on the empirical evidence and

State activism and the hidden incentives behind bank acquisitions.

Company and Takeover Law Reforms in Europe: Misguided Harmonization Efforts or Regulatory Competition?

Despite recent developments in ECJ case law, the ability of EU firms to choose among different Member State corporate law regimes is quite limited. At the same time, however, Member States have

Regulatory competition in European company law

States have customarily tended to compete with one another. Not always, however, is this tendency, or the underlying methods put to use, obvious. That states (provincial divisions in the US) were

The evolution of closely held business forms in Europe

I. INTRODUCTION This Article grows out of the ongoing debate among European academics on the need to expand the menu of available business organization forms to meet the needs of firms at all levels.

A Comparative Bibliography: Regulatory Competition on Corporate Law

This comparative bibliography compiles the contributions made by lawyers, economists, and judges on the role of regulatory competition on corporate laws. Academicians of American corporate law have

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This Article examines Russian securities law, case law, and market data. To an international observer, Russian capital markets and securities law may appear ostensibly ordinary, albeit placed within

Homogeneity Effects in Corporate Law

Entrepreneurs enjoy considerable freedom in choosing the rules that will govern their firms. As a general rule, they are able to select not only the state of incorporation, but also the entity type.



Some Direct Evidence on the Dividend Clientele Phenomenon

dividends-irrelevance proposition of Miller and Modigliani [28], and the more recent empirical investigations by Friend and Puckett [14], Diamond [7], and Black and Scholes [1], the dispute as to a

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  • addition, the Investor Responsibility Research Center compiles annual reports on institutional investors' voting on corporate governance questions

Institutional Equilibrium and Equilibrium Institutions (draft May 1984) (available at Cardozo Law Library)