The Star Catalogue Commonly Appended to the Alfonsine Tables

  title={The Star Catalogue Commonly Appended to the Alfonsine Tables},
  author={P. Kunitzsch},
  journal={Journal for the History of Astronomy},
  pages={89 - 98}
  • P. Kunitzsch
  • Published 1986
  • Art
  • Journal for the History of Astronomy
In earlier works on the history of star names! the Alfonsine Tables, or "the authors of the Alfonsine Tables", or summarily "the Alfonsinians", were often made responsible for the introduction of new Arabic material into the corpus of star names traditionally transmitted, and continuously used until today, in mediaeval Western, and modern, astronomy. Owing to the knowledge we now have of a considerably larger number of original sources, both Oriental and Occidental, and our better understanding… Expand
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A Vienna MS showing this strange application (to a Aur) is Vienna 3124 (15th cent.), fol. 163r. The original Arabicform lying behind Bellatrix cannot be guessed
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5415 who, subsequently, entered alhadib among the names of the constellation Lupus
    619, fol. 192v (no. 14) -here for the Ist star of Argo (= II Pup); equally so in Clm 10662, fol. 99v (computed for the year 1430). In at2, eventually, given to the 6th star of Argo (k Pup)
    • Originally given to p Pup)(2nd star of Argo in Almagest), but transferred to the 17th star(~Pup) in Vienna
    • corrupted spellings such as scenath