The Stalinist Era

  title={The Stalinist Era},
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The Family in the USSR

Writing a Usable Past: Russian Literary Culture, 1917-1937

In ""Writing a Usable Past," " Brintlinger considers the interactions of post-Revolutionary Russian and emigre culture with the genre of biography in its various permutations, arguing that in the

The Memoirs of Marshal Zhukov

Thank you for reading the memoirs of marshal zhukov. As you may know, people have look hundreds times for their favorite readings like this the memoirs of marshal zhukov, but end up in infectious

Culture and entertainment in wartime Russia

1. Introduction: RussiaOs Holy WarNRichard Stites 2. Pravda Goes to WarNJeffrey Brooks 3. Dateline Stalingrad: Newspaper Correspondents at the FrontNLouise McReynolds 4. Radio Moscow: The Voice from

Terror in My Soul: Communist Autobiographies on Trial

Preface Introduction 1. Good and Evil in Communism 2. A Voyage toward the Light 3. The Bolshevik Discourse on the Psyche 4. From a Weak Body to an Omnipotent Mind 5. Looking into the Oppositionist

Defence spending and defence industry in the 1930s

In this chapter we aim to show the changing economic significance of defence outlays in the 1930s. This was a decade of rapid rearmament, but its pace and character were highly variable. Phases of

Rising '44: The Battle for Warsaw

The story of the Warsaw Rising from the author of The Isles and Europe: A History who is also the leading British authority on the history of Poland. Rising '44 is a brilliant narrative account of