The Stability and Control of Motorcycles

  title={The Stability and Control of Motorcycles},
  author={R. Sharp},
  journal={Archive: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science 1959-1982 (vols 1-23)},
  • R. Sharp
  • Published 1971
  • Engineering
  • Archive: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science 1959-1982 (vols 1-23)
Mathematical models of a motorcycle and rider dependent on three alternative assumptions concerning the tyre behaviour are developed. Stability characteristics deduced from them are compared, and m... 
Stabilizing control design of a motorcycle
This thesis solves the stabilizing control of an autonomous motorcycle. The control of an autonomous motorcycle is a challenging and interesting problem in the field because the plant isExpand
The Influence of Frame Flexibility on the Lateral Stability of Motorcycles
  • R. Sharp
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • 1974
A mathematical model of a rigid-framed motorcycle running freely is extended to include the effects of torsional flexibility between the rear wheel and the frame.
A Weave Model for Motorcycle Engineers
Motorcycle modelling and roll motion stabilization by rider leaning and steering torque
This paper is devoted to the modelling and the stabilization of the roll motion of a motorcycle. The proposed model processes a nonlinear tire-road interaction forces, and includes the rider leaningExpand
High-Speed Stability and Dynamic Response Analysis of Motorcycle-Driver System
In the present study, a twelve D.O.F. mathematical model of motorcycle-driver system, including both the tyre modeling and the hand-arm force of driver, has been developed and the equations of motionExpand
Dynamics modeling of a Two-wheeled vehicle using Jourdain's principle
The derived model presents a nice analytical formulation with recursive Jacobian matrices computation that takes in consideration the main forces and moments affecting the behavior of the motorcycle and allowing the simulation of 11DOF. Expand
Lateral-Directional Motorcycle Dynamics and Rider Control
A theoretical and empirical view is taken of motorcycle lateral-directional dynamics, handling, and rider control behavior. The analytical development includes equations of motion for the vehicle andExpand
This paper gives an overview on handling aspects in bicycle and motorcycle control, from both theoretical and experimental points of view. Parallels are drawn with the literature on aircraftExpand
Control Behaviour of Motorcycle Riders
SUMMARY The control behaviour of motorcycle riders is studied by means of a simulation model for the ridermotorcycle system, which stresses the control actions of the riders. The rider modelExpand
Control of balance for a nonlinear nonholonomic non-minimum phase model of a bicycle
  • N. Getz
  • Engineering
  • Proceedings of 1994 American Control Conference - ACC '94
  • 1994
A feedback control law is derived that causes a nonlinear, nonholonomic, nonminimum phase model of a riderless powered two-wheeled bicycle to stably track arbitrary smooth trajectories of roll-angleExpand


Steering and Stability of Single-track Vehicles
The author briefly states the elementary principles of equilibrium and claims that the stability of the conventional bicycle or motor cycle is automatic except at very low speeds. This is because theExpand
Analysis of the Shimmy Phenomenon
The shimmy phenomenon has been treated as a non-linear problem which is solved using the method of equivalent linearization and also with the aid of an analogue computer. Three non-linear elementsExpand
An Investigation of Automobile Handling as Implemented by a Variable-Steering Automobile
  • L. Segel
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • Human factors
  • 1964
The experimental data indicate that both the steering-force gradient and the damping of the steering system through its influence on the free control oscillatory mode of motion of the over-all vehicle have a first order effect on driver evaluation of the handling qualities of an automobile. Expand
The algebraic eigenvalue problem
Theoretical background Perturbation theory Error analysis Solution of linear algebraic equations Hermitian matrices Reduction of a general matrix to condensed form Eigenvalues of matrices ofExpand
Ann Arbor, Michigan
The mechanics of vibration 1960 ( Cambridge University Press ) . ' Transient response of a non - linear steering oscillation ' , Proc . Symp
  • Proc . Znstn mech . Engrs
  • 1965