The Speed of Change

  title={The Speed of Change},
  author={J. B. Gewald and Klaas van Walraven and Sabine Luning},
In the early 1900s the motor-vehicle (car, bus, lorry or motor-cycle) was introduced in sub-Saharan Africa This edited volume of eleven contributions by historians, anthropologists, social and political scientists explores aspects of the social history and anthropology of the motor-vehicle in Africa. 

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Non-urban Motoring in Colonial Africa in the 1920s and 1930s
Abstract Popular histories of motor-car use in colonial Africa draw heavily on narratives about a handful of sensational trans-continental motor trips. Some such motoring was propagandist, sponsored
Circulation, modernity, and urban space in 1960s Beirut
ABSTRACT In this essay, I explore the role of circulation in Beirut’s urban space and society in the early 1960s. Drawing primarily from the Lebanese francophone newspaper L’Orient, I show how the
Introduction: Boom and Bust on the Zambian Copperbelt
Throughout the twentieth century, studies of life on a narrow strip of land in central Africa shaped the way academics understood relations between the rich world and the poor. Anthropologists,
Ten years of Boko Haram: how transportation drives Africa’s deadliest insurgency
ABSTRACT This article challenges the ways in which much scholarship on terrorism and insurgencies have been ‘a-mobile.’ It addresses this problem by drawing on the ‘new mobilities paradigm’ to
Urban Histories of Place and Labour: The Chillia Taximen of Bombay/Mumbai
Abstract When it comes to historical and ethnographic accounts of transport labour outside the West, scholars have only recently intervened to correct the paucity of systematic scholarship in this
ABSTRACT This article follows the careers of two African drivers in social environments that circumscribed their movement and access to technology. It begins with Vincent Njovu, whose memoir, The
Death in Slow Motion: Funerals, Ritual Practice and Road Danger in South Africa
The article focuses on the development, within the Xhosa-speaking population of South Africa, of intricate cultural practices enacted around fatal road accident sites and en route to funerals.
Suspect Cities and the (Re)Making of Colonial Order: Urbanization, Security Anxieties and Police Reforms in Postwar Congo (1945-1960)
Between the end of the Second World War and the decolonization process, Congolese cities grew spectacularly, leading in some cases—such as in the capital Kinshasa—to a fourfold increase in African
Pedestrian Itineraries in Kinshasa: On Shortcuts, Permeable Walls, and Welded Shut Gates in a Former Colonial Hospital
This article deals with the way urban planning during colonial times affects the mobility of pedestrians today. In Kinshasa, a green belt cuts the oldest part of the city right in two, and this
Economic and Political Factors in Infrastructure Investment: Evidence from Railroads and Roads in Africa 1960–2015
ABSTRACT Transport investment has played an important role in the economic development of many countries. Starting from a low base, African countries have recently initiated several massive


The Impact of the internal market by industrial sector : the challenge for the member states
This publication examines the probable structural adjustments in all the industrial sectors which will be most directly affected by 1991 and in all the Member States.
Competitiveness and the Value of Intangible Assets
The authors find that the growing importance of intangibles is transforming the direction of public policies in Europe, particularly industrial, R&D, competition and trade policies. They conclude
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