The Spectra of Hydrogen and Helium

  title={The Spectra of Hydrogen and Helium},
  author={Niels Henrik David Bohr},
  • N. Bohr
  • Published 1 March 1915
  • Physics
  • Nature
IN a letter to NATURE of February 11, Prof. J. W. Nicholson discusses the recent interesting experiments of Mr. Evans on the spectrum emitted from a vacuum tube containing highly purified helium and subject to a heavy discharge. Evans found that the 4686 series and the Pickering series can be obtained in a helium spectrum showing no trace of the ordinary hydrogen lines. These series were observed a few years ago by Prof. Fowler by sending a heavy discharge through a mixture of hydrogen and… 

A theory of the relativistic fermionic spinrevorbital

The Little Rules and Effect describe the cause of phenomena of physical and chemical transformations on the basis of spin antisymmetry and the consequent magnetism of the most fundamental elements of

‘Keeping in the race’: physics, publication speed and national publishing strategies in Nature, 1895–1939

  • M. Baldwin
  • Physics
    The British Journal for the History of Science
  • 2013
It is argued that the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Ernest Rutherford was instrumental in establishing the pattern of submissions to the ‘Letters to the editor’ that would eventually be adopted by scientists from diverse fields and from laboratories around the world.