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The Spear of Cephalus: Observations on Film Music Analysis

  title={The Spear of Cephalus: Observations on Film Music Analysis},
  author={Alfred W. Cochran},
Interest in the scholarly study of film music is relatively new, despite the fact that some individuals have been associated with it, closely, for decades.1 This interest is growing, as evinced by the present collection of articles. But if we are witness to the prolifera tion of film music scholarship, we should be assured that the subject holds the potential to provide answers to basic questions of analytic inquiry we must put to it. Questions such as Does the subject merit attention? What can… 
Music in Films: A Critical Review of Literature, 1980-1996
The purpose here is not to trace the history of music in film, but to survey the literature about music in film written between 1980 and 1996. Film music literature is a strange hybrid, much like
Music Theory Through the Lens of Film
The encounter of a musical repertoire with a theoretical system benefits the latter even as it serves the former. A robustly applied theoretic apparatus hones our appreciation of a given corpus,
A new modular approach to the composition of film music.
This document summarizes current capabilities, research and operational priorities, and plans for further studies that were established at the 2015 USGS workshop on quantitative hazard assessments of earthquake-triggered landsliding and liquefaction in the Central American region.