The Spanish Language of Equatorial Guinea

  title={The Spanish Language of Equatorial Guinea},
  author={John M. Lipski},
  journal={Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies},
  pages={115 - 130}
  • John M. Lipski
  • Published 13 October 2010
  • Political Science
  • Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies
The Spanish of Equatorial Guinea is one of the best kept secrets among world languages, and when men tioned, immediately evokes curiosity and wonder. Many people have never even heard of Equatorial Guinea, and few know that Spanish is the official language of a sub Saharan African nation. Even fewer have ever heard Equa torial Guinean Spanish or have any information about its characteristics. Given that Spanish is in contact with sev eral African languages of the Bantu family, some might sup… 
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" Actitud de los ecuatoguine - anos ante la lengua espaà ± ola . " Lingà 1⁄4 à - stica Espaà ± ola Actual
  • Historia de la educa - cià 3 n en Guinea Ecuatorial : el modelo educa - tivo colonial espaà ± ol
  • 1993
“ Actitud de los ecuatoguine - anos ante la lengua española . ” Lingüística Española Actual 5 ( 1983 ) : 269 - 75 . — — — . “ La actitud de los guineanos ante la lengua española . ” Africa
  • Historia de la educación en Guinea Ecuatorial : el modelo educa - tivo colonial español
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