The Spanish Foreign Legion during the Asturian Uprising of October 1934

  title={The Spanish Foreign Legion during the Asturian Uprising of October 1934},
  author={J. {\'A}lvarez},
  journal={War in History},
  pages={200 - 224}
In October 1934 socialists in Spain attempted to seize control of the government in response to a perceived fascist threat by the present right-leaning government. The uprising failed everywhere except for Asturias, where socialists, anarchists, and communists joined in a united front led by radicalized coal miners. The uprising turned into a full-scale social revolution which threatened the nascent Second Republic. Fearful that conscripts were incapable of dealing with such a serious threat… Expand
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According to Gabriel Jackson, the government executed four of them for committing atrocities (reputedly rape and mutilation) against the populace
    From Mieres this column (which included the Vth Bandera), commanded by Yagüe, was able to link up with the column commanded by General Balmes in Pola de Lena
      He describes his meeting with García Escámez in Oviedo (ibid
        On 22 October the VIth Bandera's livestock (pack mules) finally arrived in Oviedo from Ceuta (ibid
          Worse than the Vandals', he wrote that the Moroccan Regulares and legionaries looted bedding and then sold it back to the people of Oviedo