The Spanish 'Viviens' of El baladro del sabio Merlín and Benjamín Jarnés's Viviana y Merlín: From Femme Fatale to Femme Vitale

  title={The Spanish 'Viviens' of El baladro del sabio Merl{\'i}n and Benjam{\'i}n Jarn{\'e}s's Viviana y Merl{\'i}n: From Femme Fatale to Femme Vitale},
  author={Barbara D. Miller},
  pages={82 - 93}
In the Castillan Post-Vulgate romance, El baladro del sabio Merlín, Merlin's lust for the Lady of the Lake fundamentally diminishes the enchanter by impairing his prophetic capacity. But the reversal of Vivien's function in Benjamín Jarnés's experimental novel, Viviana y Merlín, shows at least one Arthurian personage to be less than predictable across the ages. 
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Ortega y la reivindicación de la vida en Viviana y Merlín, de Benjamín Jarnés
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Viviana y Merlín