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The Southern Wide-Field Gamma-ray Observatory (SWGO)

  title={The Southern Wide-Field Gamma-ray Observatory (SWGO)},
  author={U. D. Almeida},
Present Address Brazilian Center for Physics Research (CBPF), Rua Dr. Xavier Sigaud 150, 22290-180 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The scientific potential of a wide field-of-view, and very-high duty cycle, groundbased gamma-ray detector has been demonstrated by the current generation of instruments, such as HAWC and ARGO, and will be further extended in the Northern Hemisphere by LHAASO. Nevertheless, no such instrument exists in the Southern Hemisphere yet, where a great potential lies uncovered for… Expand

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The Southern Wide-Field Gamma-Ray Observatory (SWGO): A Next-Generation Ground-Based Survey Instrument for VHE Gamma-Ray Astronomy
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2017, January, Baseline Design for a Next GenerationWide-Field-of-View Very-High-Energy Gamma Ray Observatory
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