The Southern Accent—Alive and Well

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Southern Accents and Partisan Stereotypes: Evaluating Political Candidates
Objective Recent research suggests that many American voters use candidate accents as an evaluative heuristic. We build on this research by examining whether this effect is conditional on the
The Southern Accent as a Heuristic in American Campaigns and Elections
Are political candidates perceived differently based on the presence or absence of a southern accent? To address this question, we employ an experimental design that explores reactions to political
Language Variety in the South Revisited
Language Variety in the South Revisited is a comprehensive collection of new research on southern United States English by foremost scholars of regional language variation. Like its predecessor,
Memories Across the Races and the Centuries: The Autobiography of Sadie and Bessie Delany
Cet article traite de l’histoire de vie de deux sœurs afro-americaines, Sarah et Elizabeth Delany, telle qu’elle a ete communiquee par « Sadie » et « Bessie » elles-memes a Amy Hill Hearth,
A rural/metropolitan split in the speech of Texas Anglos
  • E. Thomas
  • Sociology
    Language Variation and Change
  • 1997
ABSTRACT The migration of people to the Sunbelt in the United States constitutes a major demographic shift, but has received little attention from language variationists. In Texas, this migration has


The Story of English
This text examines the origins and development of the English language. 2000 years ago, English was confined to a handful of savage tribes on the shores of north-west Europe. Today, in one form or
Postvocalic /-r/ in South Carolina: A Social Analysis
rrHE RELATIONSHIP between speech forms and the cultural configurations 1 and prestige values within a civilization has been indicated by linguistic scientists, but so far most of the study of that
The Phonology of the Lost Cause: The English of the Confederados in Brazil
In the wake of defeat after the American Civil War and occupation by Union military forces, thousands of former citizens of the Confederate States of America decided they could not live in the
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