The Sources of Al-Khowārizmī's Algebra

  title={The Sources of Al-Khowārizmī's Algebra},
  author={Solomon Gandz},
  pages={263 - 277}
  • S. Gandz
  • Published 1 January 1936
  • Sociology
  • Osiris
Fractional calculus with power law: The cradle of our ancestors⋆
A new class of partial integro-differential equations with fractional operators based on the new generalized Mittag-Leffler function is constructed and a detailed discussion underpinning the conditions for which the new equation is well-posed.
Study on Criticism and Alternative on the History of Mathematics Described in the Secondary School Mathematics Textbooks
The purpose of this article is to discuss some of the most commonly repeated misconceptions on the history of mathematics described in the secondary school mathematics textbooks, and recommend that
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The present debate addresses issues and provides the formal criteria and their necessary modification for creating sufficient clinical algorithms and raises the question of whether medical pathways and thereby the medical art should be disclosed to the general public by algorithms.
The tacit appropriation of Hindu algebra in renaissance practical arithmetic
Old Chinese proverb Diophantos would use the rhetorical algebra, the Chinese Nine Chapters on Arithmetic would manipulate matrices, and the Liber abbaci would find the answer by means of proportions.
From Archimedes to Khayyam
The Transformation of Mathematics in the Early Mediterranean World: From Problems to Equations
Acknowledgements Introduction 1. The problem in the world of Archimedes 2. From Archimedes to Eutocius 3. From Archimedes to Khayyam Conclusion References Index.


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