The Song Navy and the Invention of Dragon Boat Racing

  title={The Song Navy and the Invention of Dragon Boat Racing},
  author={A. Chittick},
  journal={Journal of Song-Yuan Studies},
  pages={1 - 28}
  • A. Chittick
  • Published 2011
  • History
  • Journal of Song-Yuan Studies
Scholarly research on the Dragon Boat Festival (called Duanwu 端 午 in Mandarin Chinese) and its signature event, the dragon boat races, has been moribund for quite a few decades. Claimed by Wen Yiduo 聞一多 in the 1920s to be a primitive ritual for dragon totems with an ancient history dating back before the Warring States period, the races subsequently became conceptualized as an almost a-historical, essentialized performance with a variety of religious purposes and “signifiers” ranging from… Expand


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