The Somali Conquest of the Horn of Africa

  title={The Somali Conquest of the Horn of Africa},
  author={Ioan M. Lewis},
  journal={The Journal of African History},
  pages={213 - 230}
  • I. Lewis
  • Published 1 July 1960
  • History, Economics
  • The Journal of African History
One of the most sustained and in its effects far-reaching movements of population in the recent history of North Eastern Africa is the expansion of the Hamitic Somali from the shores of the Gulf of Aden to the plains of Northern Kenya over the last ten centuries. Although written historical evidence is available for only a few periods, oral tradition is so abundant, and from a variety of sources both inside and outside Somaliland, so much in agreement, that it is possible to reconstruct much of… 
The Origins of the Galla and somali
  • H. Lewis
  • History
    The Journal of African History
  • 1966
This study presents a reconstruction of the origins and major movements of the Galla and Somali of Northeast Africa which departs from most of the previous literature on the subject. The traditional
Toward Northeast African Cooperation: Resolving the Ethiopia-Somalia Disputes
The Horn of Africa has been the site of one of the largest externally funded military buildups in the developing world, undertaken by a wide array of foreign powers. As a result, it has experienced
This paper will consider two recurrent problems of the history of the Cushites.? Specifically, we shall suggest new approaches to the history of the Galla and Somali, and to the study of the hunting
Kenya Somalis: The Shift from "Greater Somalia" to Integration with Kenya
This paper will not go into details about the history of the coming of Somalis into Kenya. 1 It suffices here to mention that the seventh Region of independent Kenya was named in 1963 the North
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����� The ongoing conflict in Somalia has seriously disrupted life and threatened to destroy communities and cultures throughout the Peninsula. Nowhere has the threat been greater than along the
A Pocket of Stability: Understanding Somaliland
This paper provides a comprehensive examination of Somaliland's unusual development and current standing as a self-declared sovereign nation. Unlike Somalia, a state devastated by a perpetual
Historical Aspects of Genealogies in Northern Somali Social Structure
  • I. Lewis
  • History, Sociology
    The Journal of African History
  • 1962
Few anthropologists, I think, would question that the use of oral tradition as a historical source in tribal studies requires a knowledge of the part tradition plays in the society in which it
Bantu, Galla and Somali migrations in the Horn of africa: a reassessment of the Juba/Tana area
This article offers a new reconstruction of Bantu, Galla and Somali migrations in the Horn of Africa, with particular reference to the area between the Juba and the Tana rivers. It is suggested that
Regional Dynamics of Inter-ethnic Conflicts in the Horn of Africa: An Analysis of the Afar-Somali Conflict in Ethiopia and Djibouti
Though it remains to be one of the most economically deprived sub-regions in the world, Sub-Saharan Africa scores highest on the number of countries involved in violent ethnic conflicts around the
Towards Resolving the Ethiopia-Somalia Disputes
Prairie View AM the insecurity Somalia feels about the Juba and the Wabi Shibeli rivers, as their sources are in Ethiopia; the discovery of gas and oil in the Ogaden; Somalia’s challenging geographic


The Ruined Towns of Somaliland
Periodical reference to the ‘Mysterious Ruined Cities of Somaliland’, citing them as an ‘unsolved riddle of Africa’, have appeared in books and articles from time to time. The majority of these
Force and Fission in Northern Somali Lineage Structure
AS IS well-known, the term "segmentary lineage system" is applied to those societies whose politics are cast in a genealogical idiom and whose dominant political ideology is that political relations
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Uno scavo compiuto nella zona archeologica di Hamar Gergeb, nel territorio di Meregh durante l'agosto 1932', Somalia d'Oggio
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